My name is Mario Giannini.  I currently live in NYC with my wife and 2 teenage kids, a Jack Russel, an anole, and 2 goldfish.

I am a techie, gearhead, nerd, or however you want to put it.  If it involves writing code, then count me in.  I don’t care if it’s HTML and CSS for a website, or PHP and MySQL for a WordPress plugin, or C#, C++, or Pascal for a desktop or device app to interact with that site.  I actually do see beauty in coding, in the problem solving, the logic, all of it.

I can be soldering a board for my Raspberry Pi robot one day, then coding an Adobe Plugin with Visual C++ the next.  Then later that same day, working on firewall setup for my latest Linux server.  It’s all good, and I believe that there is no single important or premiere technology.  It’s just a bunch of many pieces that can sometimes come together to create a work of art.

At one time, I spent 15 years as teacher and track chair for the Columbia University Contrinuing Education program where I taught and oversaw the teaching of software development.  I’ve also co-authored 2 books on software development: Windows Programming Programmer’s Notebook and OOP Demystified.

Photography is also a pretty big interest of mine, though I find myself constantly trying to improve.  The best place to see some photos is on pbase: http://www.pbase.com/mariog

I like getting outdoors, hiking, back country camping, and all sorts of physical activity.  I am currently a black belt (Sho Mokuroku) in Sosuishi-ryu jujutsu, a classic Okinawan style and green belt (Go Kyu) in Isshin ryu karate.

And finally, there are motorcycles.  I have been riding motorcycles for the past 25+ years, year-round for trips and a daily commute through the streets of NYC.  At first, they were just this awesome rush of excitement, speed, and adrenaline.  Then over time, I started to realize how just about any ride on a bike would calm me down, and just leave me happy.  And as time goes on, and I get older, I am less interested in chasing down the guy who just passed me on some super sport bike, and content to go at my own pace, on my own ride.  I am currently on a 2003 Kawasaki Z1000 that I picked up in 2016 with only about 2,400 miles on it (it now has over 11,000). Pictured below was after riding from NY to Ohio, for work, after a couple hours of rain.